Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kitchen sink bars and hot chocolate!

Fancy new spoons!

This morning we were woken by squeals of excitement coming from the two year old. This is not an unusual situation as she frequently wakes us regarding some drama or another! This morning however she wanted to show us a blanket of fresh, white, marshmallow like snow. Local radio was turned on in the hope that school would be cancelled but alas no such luck for my two boys. Within hours the snow was gone and plans of an afternoon building snowmen ruined.

Recipe made 16 delicious little squares

A movie, hot chocolate and a little treat always puts smiles on my cherub's faces so I decided to make these tasty little bars from one of my favourite Irish blogs http://wholesomeireland.com/?p=1835 written by Caitriona. Always a great blog to turn to if looking for some inspiration.

Teapots were made to pour hot chocolate! 
I used up lots of bits & pieces that were in my store cupboard. Walnuts, rice crispies, digestives, marshmallows and raisins were all added to the chocolaty syrupy mix before being chilled in the fridge. A large pot of hot chocolate was made and the slab sliced up before being gobbled up.

Have to have the obligatory marshmallows floating atop....
 Nice for a little midweek treat for kids and adults alike......;-)

Moist, sweet and very moreish!

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  1. While I might skip the hot chocolate, I'm a sucker for these bars. Great pictures Paula. I'm glad you enjoyed them!