Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I don't normally write on the blog about events I have been to or places I have visited but am making an exception for last Sunday night. I was unbelievably pleased to be included in a fantastic evening of Michelin starred food made by the astoundingly talented Martijn Kajuiter from the Cliff House Hotel.

Our evening kicked off to a great start with cocktails in the sun accompanied by the most delicious oysters I have ever had. Granted I have only tasted them once before and am no expert but I loved them! We took our seats at 8pm and what was to follow was the most fantastic culinary experience. Eggs cooked for hours at a low temperature, asparagus, lobster, crab, prawns, pork, lamb and the most delicious selection of breads and butters all featured. The meal concluded with peach and parsnip custard, whole poached peach and poached meringue, it was unbelievably good.

This event was to raise money for Pieta House and was the brainchild of Helena Moloney. Helena has done outstanding work raising money for the charity in the last few months, she has great drive and ambition about her and is a fantastic person to be around. Unfortunately depression and suicide are still relatively taboo subjects but please if you are depressed just talk to someone. Talking is the first step to recovery.

I would like to thank everyone there for such a wonderful night. Much fun was had by all, it's fantastic that friendships have sprung from the power of 140 characters. Got to love the power of twitter! It was just so amazing to be part of such a unique event! I didn't include any of the pictures of the latter part of the night, I don't want to lose any regular readers! ;-)