Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lashings & lashings of ginger beer!


I always felt hard done by as a kid growing up in Ireland. It seemed unfair to me that the kids across the pond in Great Britain had the privilege of attending boarding school and spent their summers solving mysteries and going on adventures while I was here playing hopscotch. I jest of course but there was something magical about the novels I devoured in my formative years. Midnight feasts, tuck boxes and picnic baskets were the highlight of my novels, even back then I was obsessed by food. Potted meat sandwiches, tins of condensed milk, hard boiled eggs and slabs of chocolate cake all washed down with lashings of ginger beer was the stuff of dreams for me. Us poor Irish kids had TK red lemonade and tayto crisps, doesn't quite have the same ring to it! I came across this recipe for ginger beer by chance and thought it would be a nice addition to my Christmas table or as a mixer with some spicy rum, delicious! 

So basically its lemons, ginger, muscovado sugar and soda water that combines to create this delicious nectar.

So take some lemons.....what? Doesn't everyone store their lemons outside on the grass?

Get some fresh ginger, if your grocer doesn't wrap it up with twine and wrap it in greaseproof paper you need to find a new one........

Wrap a decanter in twine before straining your liquid in.
The twine adds a certain je ne sais quoi. Don't forget the sprigs of fresh mint either.

Freeze some slices of lime and place a slice in each glass before pouring.

I have frozen the remainder of mine into ice cubes which I am looking forward to adding to a beverage or two over the coming weeks! If you are a food blogger or enjoy taking food pictures I think you will enjoy this article! Thanks to for the link.

I am guilty as charged on almost all counts but hey that's what us food bloggers do!


  1. ooohhhh Gingerbeer ice cubes in a wee dram of whiskey sounds divine!

  2. My daughter just went through a Famous Five phase (we read 11 books in a row - we've moved on to Harry Potter now, thank goodness!) so I know what you mean about all their lovely food. It's all farm fresh eggs and sandwiches and cakes for that lot! I never knew ginger beer was so easy to make at home, I can't wait to give this a try.

    1. There is a more complicated version but it takes a week for natural yeasts to grow! Am far too impatient for that lark. Gorgeous warming flavour to this. Bless good old Mr Oliver! :-)

  3. Nice use of the twine Paula. ;)
    Loving this recipe, I love making cordials and drinks for the kids and Ginger is a big favourite. I wonder how it would go with vodka and soda water....

    1. I'd say it would be lovely C!
      Am a big fan of the twine, lol!!!

  4. George from the Famous Five even used to make sandwiches for Timmy the dog out of raw sausage meat as I recall - must dig out my collection for my little girl. Some muscovado sugars are harvested by slave labour and may cause landslides you know ;-)