Saturday, May 28, 2011

Easy Peasy Limey Squeezy!

Well after the aftermath of the Communion I discovered that i had three tubs of mascarpone cheese leftover in the fridge that had to be used up. Now i love tiramisu which is the first thing i think off when i hear mascarpone cheese but even i would not be able to get through three servings of the stuff in one week!! I had a quick look online and came across a recipe for lime cheesecake with a ginger nut base and decided to give it a shot.  I love recipes with few ingredients and this is definitely one of them!


  • 500gr mascarpone cheese
  • 3 limes
  • 200gr gingernut biscuits
  • 50gr butter
  • a little icing sugar
Melt the butter and add to the crushed gingernut biscuits.  Line a springform tin with the crumbs and place in fridge.  Beat the mascarpone cheese and add the juice of the limes and the zested rind.  Stir in a little icing sugar to taste.  Spread mixture over the chilled biscuit base and chill for an hour before serving.  I put a crushed flake bar on top before serving to help bring back memories of those gorgeous chocolate lime sweets we had when we were kids. Slice and serve! Yum!

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