Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A moment in time....

I was out walking with a friend of mine this week and we were chatting about my blog. I mentioned how I loved the thought of the kids discussing their favourite meals when they are adults and having all my recipes at their fingertips to recreate happy family meals. Blogging is similar to keeping a diary, I have always been a "heart on her sleeve" kind of girl and my emotions always run close to the surface. You give away a lot of yourself whilst blogging and I hope in years to come my children when reading it will see me as a great Mum and realise I always had their best interests at heart.

We went for a lovely stroll tonight after dinner in the graveyard behind our house, it's one of our favourite places to visit as it has loads of nooks and crannies to explore. I brought along the camera and took a few snaps and thought it would be nice to post them here. So kids if you are reading this in years to come I hope you remember how happy we all were together, xx.


  1. Ah bless have a little tear in my eye Paula that's soo lovely of course the fact my three year old has snuck out of her bed and nestled in beside me may be making me a tad sentimental too ; )

    1. Ah I love when they do that! Halle has started sneaking into our bed during the night to only be discovered in the morning!

  2. So beautiful Paula, such happy happy days! Enjoy every one, in the bed or not, it goes so fast:~))

  3. Such a handsome family! Im sure they'll be every bit as proud of you as you are of them :)