Monday, August 13, 2012

Spanish Stew!

"What's for dinner Mam?" is without a shadow of a doubt the most uttered sentence in our house. I might not have even poured the milk on their cereal or even have the faintest crispness on the rashers when the words leave their lips! It's hard to keep everyone pleased but one thing I know for sure is that anything of a stew or curry texture will be devoured.
Today the boys are at a summer camp and for certain, despite having a big lunch they will be famished when they come home. It's a bit of a dreary oul day in Offaly so I thought I would liven things up with a nice spicy stew. Quicker to make than a traditional Irish stew and something to add to the dinner repertoire! .

You will need;

5 boneless pork chops
225g chorizo, sliced
400g can chopped tomatoes
400g can plum tomatoes
400g can cannellini beans
1tsp smoked paprika
2 fat cloves of garlic, minced
1/2 a large onion, chopped

Fry off the pork chops until slightly browned.
Add the chorizo, onion, garlic & smoked paprika and fry until onions have softened.
Add the two cans of tomatoes and the drained cannellini beans.
Simmer for an hour.
Serve with some plain cous cous or whatever takes your fancy!

I can confirm after two* servings that it is truly delicious!

*may have been three

It's so easy to get stuck in a rut when you are feeding a family. Would love to hear what your families favourite dinner is. Thanks for reading!


  1. There's a chicken, chorizo and chickpea casserole that's a favourite in our house. Isn't smoked paprika magical...the aroma and the taste? Yours is quite similar and sounds delicious. I think it's better on day 2 as the spice matures, but in order to have that, I make double and still hope it survives!

    1. I just love smoked paprika! My fav lunch is to coat some halloumi in it before frying, delicious!! Must remember to make double the next time. Thanks for comment Catherine!