Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pesto and Cherry Tomato Baked Eggs

Since stumbling upon the blogging world in Ireland and becoming part of it I have had so much fun. Photography workshops, friendships, laughter, nights away and fantastic meals have all come my way. En route home yesterday from a wonderful tweet up and tasting menu in the Springfort House Hotel myself and some of the twitterati called into La Cucina in Castletroy, Limerick for our lunch. I was lucky enough to have eaten there before but oh how I wish I lived nearer. Lorraine and Bruno are both so welcoming and treat everyone like old friends. If you haven't had the opportunity to eat there yet you are missing out, put it on top of your list. They have a wonderful range of pasta sauces for sale there and they are hopefully coming to a fridge near you soon so make sure to watch out for them. Lorraine was kind enough to give me a selection to try at home so there will be Italian meals aplenty here this week!

You might have missed me bragging about my jog this morning on twitter but after jogging 6km up and down the hills of Clara at 6:30 I needed something quick, healthy and fresh to get my energy levels back up. Baked eggs is always a great dish, full of protein and goodness. Add some tomatoes and pesto and you will be glowing with health.


4tsps fresh green pesto
2 free range eggs
6 cherry tomatoes

Preheat oven to 180 degrees
Put a teaspoon of pesto in the bottom of each ramekin
Crack in the eggs on top
Place three cherry tomatoes in each ramekin
Drizzle another teaspoon of pesto over the top
Place in a roasting dish that is half filled with water so that the eggs will cook very gently
As soon as egg turns white but yolk is still wobbly they are ready

You might think my quantities of pesto is a bit mean but after having a little taste of it straight from the tub I was loathe to use up too much of it. Have three meals planned that I want to include some in and intend on savouring every single drop!


  1. We loved baked eggs and I make them quite a bit for brekkie! These look gorgeous! I've been hearing so much about La Cucina's sauces that I can't wait to try them.

  2. I hope one day I will finally visit Limerick and its famous place La Cucina :)

  3. Oh i want this for my brekkie in the morning!!!