Monday, February 28, 2011

Ok here i go!!

So this is my very first attempt at a blog so bear with me as i will prob be all over the place.....

I had my third and final child five months ago and since then i really feel like MY time is starting now, before this i knew i wanted another child to complete the family and now she is here i am so content. I need to start thinking about what i want to do when i have more free time and i definitely want it to be food related.  I love baking and there is nothing i like better than trying out new recipes.  I am in the process of losing baby weight and am almost there so i try and only bake once a week otherwise i will be in trouble with my waistline!

My children are almost 8, just turned 3 and 5 months so they provide great entertainment for us in the house and no doubt you will be reading some of the funnier conversations on here.  My hubby is an accountant and an arsenal fanatic but most importantly a brilliant Daddy and husband, we so lucky to have him but of course he also lucky to have us!!

Need to figure out how to upload some pics of my recent baking so ciao for now!

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